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Android Kernel Development


Logo Design




Hello, I am an amateur android developer from Indonesia. I’m working with android-linux kernel and mostly with Xiaomi devices. I also a no-op logo designer using Inkscape as a main weapon. Beside that, i am a student of Agroindustrial Technology in Brawijaya University.

Projects & Contributions

Below here are some of projects and contributions done by me:

  • Canting Kernel: is an android-kernel based on Google kernel-common merged over CAF-kernel. Built to provide security and stability improvement.

  • Hugo FeelIt: is a clean, elegant but advanced blog theme for Hugo.

  • RAJApps: This app is built to provide an attendance system based on QR-Codes scanner. I’ve contribute as a front-end in the development of this application under Rajabrawijaya Organization.

  • XDA-Developers: I got my title on this community as Recognized Developer and Recognized Contributor, various open source projects including ROM, kernel, and mods are created by me.

  • I’ve submited various of kernel fixes to the lineageos.org through my code-review. The useful patches i’ve ever submited are vDSO32 integration and also kernel compilation fixes with CC_WERROR on xiaomi devices.

Daily Games

Sometimes i play games on Android, below here are games that i often play:

If you have any question related to my articles or projects, feel free too reach out to me via e-mail or telegram.